… and now, something about us

You will have access to 60+ YEARS of collective experience in Leadership Culture & Leadership Development.

Our team of specialists are skilled at assisting Human Resources and Learning and Development Executives at every step of the Leadership Program DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and IMPLEMENTATION journey.
We know how to partner and guide you through world class and game changing …

• Assessment Technology.
• Programme and Process Design
• Visible Leadership Mindsets and Behaviour Transformation.

Research shows that the majority of culture and leadership development programs fail to show long-term, sustained transformation in leadership culture and visible changes in the behaviours and mindsets of the leaders. You will experience our teams’ passion for:

• Focused Assessment.
• High Impact Learning.
• Practical Application.
• Personal & Team Transformation.

The Team

Myrna Kirk


Leadership Development Strategist

Melita Koeberg


Psychologist & Assessment Specialist

Rombout Peer


Executive Leadership Thought Leader

Haley Ritzlmayr


Stress & Leadership Performance Specialist

Zed Xaba


Leadership and Corporate Inclusion Specialist