Courageous Conversations

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September 30, 2018
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October 9, 2018

Courageous Conversations

Human Resources professional often have to deal with requests leaders to have the difficult or courageous conversations with team members or staff.


These conversations are mainly focused on one of three areas namely; behavioural, relationship or performance challenges. I agree with HR professionals that feel strongly that leaders could and should have these conversations with people who directly report to them.


Here’s my question: Do leaders in your organisation have the skills and the tools to have these conversations? Or do you as “HR” all too often find yourself having to intervene on behalf of the leaders who may not have the courage to do so.


If you find yourself or members of the HR team having to have these conversations more often than not, can you imagine what your day-to-day experience would be like if every leader in your organisation have the skills, tools and the courage to have these conversations?


I’m looking forward to your comments below.

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